Meet Val & Layla the Mother and daughter team behind Val’s Soul Food.

The family goes back several generations in Canada, descendants of slaves who came up through the Underground Railroad and settled near London, ON

They specialize in cooking Soul Food.

Soul Food is a term used for Southern, Caribbean, and Canadian, blends of dishes.

Val has been cooking Soul Food for over 30 years and has run previous restaurants in the Kawartha Lakes area


The world has changed for most people in 2020, but for Val & Layla their world changed a few years prior. In 2016, just a few months after Layla was severely injured in a car accident; the family also suffered with the loss of Val’s husband and Layla’s father to cancer.


Val, was sick with grief over her beloved husband. In early 2019 Val had a stroke; she was in a coma like state for several weeks and in the hospital for several months.

While in the hospital there were daily visits from friends and family.  With lots of prayers, she regained her awareness and appetite.

After being released from the hospital she stayed with her daughter Layla.

With time, and God’s good grace, Val has fully recovered.

A message from Layla:

“I remember the Sunday my mom started to cook again. I’d come home to a huge plate of food. She was so used to cooking large portions for the restaurant, there was way too much food for just the two of us. I decided to get some food containers and drop it off to some family close by.

They enjoyed it so much it became a weekly thing, every Sunday I’d be dropping food off to the family.”

When the Corona virus outbreak happened like most of us we were scared. Knowing Mom was at risk with previous health issues we did our best to stay at home.

“Mom kept on cooking these great big meals, and I would be baking. We’d share the food with family and friends every Sunday.

After a month of the pandemic we thought we could expand and offer our meals to the neighborhood,

It was well received and we were able to deliver to over 30 people every Sunday.

Mom was doing great and so happy at getting back into the Kitchen.

After a few months of delivering Sunday Soul food dinners we were gifted a great opportunity to run a food truck for the Summer/Fall season. We’re now  at Ray’s Place in Minden, Ontario.  We’re enjoying our time here, meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. Minden is a wonderful town. It’s a scenic drive from the city, 2 hours north with beautiful country landscapes. We hope you’ll come out for a drive and visit us .


All the best,


We're located at:

Ray's Place,

6254 Hwy 121,

Minden Ontario